Corrugated 101

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

This is the most common style of box, and typically what you picture in your head when you think of a package. For this box, all flaps are the same length, and the two outer length flaps are one-half the container’s width, so that they meet at the center of the box when closed.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)

This style of box is the same as an RSC except both sets of outer flaps fully overlap one another to cover the full width of the container. Wider flaps and extra thickness on the top and bottom of this box make it a better option for products in need of more protection.

One Piece Folder (OPF)

This is a box just like it sounds, one piece of board that is creased and slotted so it can be folded into a box with a flat, unbroken bottom. This box is a good option for books and printed materials.

Full Telescope Design (FTD)

FTD cartons consist of a separate top and bottom that fit over each other with flaps joining on the side or end panels. When pulled apart, they create two scored and slotted trays, both with flat bottoms. The full-depth cover slides completely over the body of the carton providing additional strength around the sides making this style suitable for high stacking strength of fragile articles.

Custom Die Cuts

Die cut are designed to fit any shape or size needed. They are known as die cut boxes because they are cut from plain sheets of corrugated material on a die cutter.

The die cuts are designed by our packaging engineer to meet your requirements. Once the design is approved unique graphics, if needed, can be added.


How To Measure A Box

  • Listed dimensions are always inside dimensions.
  • The first dimension listed  is always the Length of your box. Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap.
  • The next dimension in a box measurement is Width. The width side also has a flap, but is always the side shorter than the length.
  • The final dimension is Height.  Height is the only dimension without a flap.

Standard Box

15” x 10” x 9

Length x Width x Height

Tall Box

4” x 3” x 14

Length x Width x Height

Long Box

15” x 3” x 4

Length x Width x Height

Selecting The Right Box

Make sure to choose a container that can support the weight of the product you are shipping.

Up to 65 lbs. 200#/ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated
66 lbs. – 95 lbs. 275#/ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated
96 lbs. – 100 lbs. 275#/ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated
101 lbs. – 120 lbs. 350#/ECT-51 Double Wall Corrugated

NOTE: These are guidelines only. Weight must be distributed evenly.